Bibliografía Filatélica: STAMP COLLECTING NOTES, (3ª edición)
Título:      STAMP COLLECTING NOTES, (3ª edición)
Categorías:      Libros Filatélicos
LibroID:      4137
Autores:      William S. Lincoln
ISBN-10(13):      0000000000
Editorial:      El autor
Fecha de publicación:      1920
Edición:      Londres
Number of pages:      0
Idioma:      Inglés
Precio:      8  €
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Imagen:      cover



I On stamp Collecting in General.

II On History as Exemplified by Postage Stamps.

III On Commemorative Postage Stamps.

IV On "Lost Causes and Impossible Beliefs".

V On Geography as Illustrated by Postage Stamps.

VI On The Ecclesiastical side of Stamps Collecting.

VII On Portraiture in a Stamp Album.

VIII On Desings and Devices in Postage Stamps.

IX On Postage Stamps, Odd Shaped & Extraordinary.

X On Watermarks, Perforations, Printing and Paper.

XI On Surchages and Alterations.

XII On Changes of Stamps caused by War.

XIII On Stamps of "The Great War".

XIV On Errors in Postage Stamps.

XV On Forgeries and Imitations.

XVI On Compiling a Collection

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